Welcome the delegation of deputy governor of Xiaoshan Distri


  On the afternoon of the 17th, Luo Linfeng, deputy director of Xiaoshan District, Wu Qinfang, deputy director of District Business Bureau, Shen Maolong, and Chai Yudong, the district government office, visited the headquarters of Jiansheng Group to investigate the company's production situation, foreign trade and foreign investment. Ms. Guo Xianghong, Vice President of Jiansheng Group, and Fei Tiantian, Director of Human Resources, warmly received the two sides and conducted fruitful work exchange talks.
  On this visit, Ms. Guo Xianghong introduced to ROC and his delegation the situation of foreign trade and investment in the first half of 2019, and shared the experience of investing in Vietnam with the call of the group.
  During the meeting, Ms. Guo Xianghong and Mr. Luo's delegation held in-depth discussions on the development of enterprises under the Sino-US trade war. Luo District highly affirmed that under the complex international situation, the development strategy of "changing with all kinds of changes" has been affirmed by Jen Shing Group, making steady and steady efforts to make the traditional manufacturing industry glow with new vitality, take the headquarters in Zhejiang, take root in Xiaoshan, develop R & D centers and sales centers in the country, and transfer the production base to the countries along the "one belt and one road".
  Later, Director Luo also explained and answered the difficulties and needs encountered by Jiansheng Group in its development. Ms. Guo Xianghong especially raised the need for help on the current employment difficulties and tax policies.
  Finally, the leaders of both sides discussed the development of more Chinese entrepreneurs'foreign investment, sublimated their ideas and broadened their horizons. Both sides hoped that with the help of the government and the sharing of the experience of Jiansheng Group's foreign investment, they could help more small and medium-sized private enterprises to take off and boost China's economic development.