Song of Youth Challenge Youth and Melt Team


  Keeping in mind Jiansheng Group-Youth League Outdoor Development Training

  On May 11, in order to enhance the cooperation and friendship among colleagues and enhance the physical fitness of employees, on the occasion of Youth Day, the Group organized some young employees to go to the picturesque Bailongtan scenic spot to carry out outdoor outdoor development activities with the theme of "Challenging oneself and smelting team". Through participating in this activity, they exercised their vigor and vitality. The excellent character of the younger generation of employees is solidarity and mutual assistance, obedience to command, strengthening communication, breaking through oneself and pursuing perfection.
  Through relaxed and interesting warm-up activities, the small partners eliminate the diaphragm and draw closer to each other, so as to prepare for the whole day's training activities physically and mentally.
  Under the guidance of the coach, all our students are divided into three groups, and the captain, Deputy captain and secretary are selected respectively. Together, we took a loud team name and slogan for our team, and conducted a team demonstration in turn.
  Da Vinci Code, Trust Backfall, Air Horizontal Bar, Survival Wall, etc. Every game is full of fun, but also full of challenges. In the game, they are close to each other, cooperate with each other closely, and become the most solid dependence of each other, laying a solid foundation for the future work to melt out an excellent team.
  Through this activity, we have seen the young generation of the vigorous 90's. They have ideals and responsibilities. In vigorous struggle, they will compose a more splendid and brilliant song of youth!!