Human Resource Management

Jasan Group regards “seeking happiness for employees” as one of the business philosophy of the company, and is compassionate to employees. Based on the six systems of human resource management, it helps each employee to grow and builds a multi-diverse with material incentives and spiritual incentives. The value incentive system provides employees with competitive compensation, good career development channels and broad growth space to jointly realize the value of life.

  • Strategy-based human resource planning system

  • raining development system based on career planning

  • Evaluation Management System Based on KPI Indicators

  • Compensation and management system based on performance and ability

  • Potential evaluation system based on quality model

  • Professional behavior evaluation system based on qualifications

Entreprise Culture

Pursue excellent product quality, commit to corporate development and prosperity, work for employees and contribute to society!

Our mission

Creating wealth for society and realizing the potential of life together

Corporate vision

Be a respected international sportswear company with customer satisfaction, employee happiness, and contribution to society

Core value

Integrity, Innovation, Dedication, Cooperation

Entrepreneurial spirit

Constantly striving for excellence

Business philosophy

Pursue excellent product quality, dedicate to the development and prosperity of enterprises, contribute to society, and seek happiness for employees

Talent concept

People-oriented, respect for knowledge and common development

Quality policy

Continuous pursuit of excellent product quality

Jasan outdoor development training is of great significance

Expanding training is a challenge, not just physical fitness, but also awareness; the challenge is not only individuals, but also teams. No matter what position we are in, we can get a very beneficial life experience with our heart and soul.

National Fitness - Marathon Dragon Boat Race

The national movement has set off a boom in Hangzhou. In March of this year, Jasan organized employees to participate in the first campus mini-marathon and dragon boat race. The purpose of “green, health and sports” symbolizes the optimistic and positive attitude of Jasan people and conveys the positive energy of youth!

Office Environment

The headquarters of Jasan Group is located in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, one of the most developed areas of China's economy. The geographical position is very advantageous, and aviation, railway, high-speed railway and expressway extend in all directions. With a multi-functional conference hall, staff restaurant, sky garden, dormitory building, fitness center, etc., it provides a comfortable and convenient environment for employees.

  • Office

  • Meeting room

  • Ataff canteen

  • Sky Garden Restaurant


A talent development system provides system support for employee growth

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IE Engineer

Bachelor degree or above;
Industrial engineering and other related majors。

Development Engineer

College degree or above;
Computer application, information and computing science, etc.


College degree or above;
Textile and other related majors。

Foreign Trade Management Trainee

Bachelor degree or above;
Trade, Languages, Textile and other related majors

Purchasing Management Trainee

Marketing, Material
management, Supply chain
management, English and other related majors

Quality Management Trainee

Textile, Quality and other related majors

Production Management Trainee

College degree or above;
Textile, Dyeing and finishing, Machinery
and other related majors

Reserve cadre

Bachelor degree or above;
Industrial engineering and other related majors。