JASAN Group & GAP. Inc Initiated Officially the First Session of P.A.C.E. Program


When mentioning GAP, people will think of jeans, Normcore style, and American brand etc. Actually, GAP is also a company devoted to enhance female attractiveness. Among global industries, clothing industry employs the largest amount of low-skilled women, standing at production front line, they have few chance to enhance their management and life skills. Adhering to the principle that all women should have the opportunity to give full play to their potential, GAP launched P.A.C.E program since 2007 for their women employees working on clothing supply chain, through free-of-charge lectures and training, it helps women to improve work and life skills, promotes their personnel and career development.


As the key account with years of friendly cooperation, Zhejiang JASAN Holding Group Co., Ltd. was invited to join this program in January of this year. JASAN as the leading force of hosiery and clothing manufacturers, 90% of its employees are females. The high level management of the group attached great importance, in line with business philosophy of seeking well-being for employees, positively respond to GAP’s proposition, and decided to guide in the program firstly in Plant I of Jiangshan Base.


On July 31st, 2021, CEO of Zhejiang JASAN Group, Mr. Zhang Maoyi, and the vice president of JASAN, Ms. Koko Guo visited Jiangshan base and attended P.A.C.E program onsite to cheer for the opening ceremony! Meanwhile, we were honored to have general manager of Gap Inc. from Shanghai, Ms. Jennifer to visit Jiangshan base for witness the official initiation of JASAN & GAP first session of P.A.C.E program, and lively speech was delivered.


At 9:15 in the morning, the launching ceremony warmed up with signature onsite, around 100 guests and students signed up their own name on the wall printed with P.A.C.E logo, which demonstrate the support and enthusiasm toward P.A.C.E culture. Zhejiang JASAN Holding Group Co., Ltd. vice president Ms. Koko Guo as the founder of the Group delivered the speech at the opening ceremony, Ms. Guo expressed high recognition and appreciation towards P.A.C.E program, and regret that didn’t meet sooner with P.A.C.E.


P.A.C.E stands for Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement, which is a career education plan. It not only helps women to enhance personal capability and career development, but also have positive impact on their family life, interpersonal relations. Through learning life skills and technical training, it helps female employees to deal calmly with difficulties in work and life, such as communication, problem solving, time planning, life financing and women health etc., to courage them speak for themselves, bravely chase for their dreams and develop their own potentials.


Lastly, the Group CEO Mr. Zhang Maoyi issued the certificate to lecturers and posed to assemble photo. The successful launching of first session of P.A.C.E in Jiangshan base will pass on to bases in Shaoxing, Guizhou, Hai Phong Vietnam, Thanh Hoa Vietnam as well as Hung Yen Vietnam, and will endeavor to cover all the group for “empowering women”. Let our women employees explore their own potentials to make progress in work.

It is known that till now, there are totally around 500, 000 women joined P.A.C.E. program from China, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Guatemala etc. 18 countries, including around 30, 000 women from China. Through the analysis by International Center for Research on Women, it has verified significant influence on P.A.C.E., including 150% self-efficacy enhancement, and 100% workplace influence enhancement. JASAN Group was honored and appreciated GAP Inc. offered us with opportunity to participate in such meaningful program which can benefit employees’ well-being and bring benefits to all women employees among JASAN Group. Wish a complete success for the program!

Data notes:

According to the calculation by International Center for Research on Women, after program completion for P.A.C.E members: 49% enhancement for self-confidence and self-identification compared with pre-program; 150% enhancement for target achievement rate; 119% enhancement of work efficiency; 100% enhancement of team collaboration influence; 3 times faster for career promotion compared with other colleagues. This program not only enhance obviously for long term performance for women themselves, but also benefit positively for the company; the retention of employees increases by 66%, overall productivity enhances by 7% and return on investment rate is 250%.