The First “JASAN Building” was Inaugurated in Beijing Technology and Business University


The charming and gentle spring passes by, and we embrace with vigorous and flourishing summer. One academic building named after the Zhejiang enterprise from the South of China was inaugurated in the university located in the North of China.


On June 23rd, 2021, CEO of Zhejiang JASAN Holding Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhang Maoyi together with Vice President of the Group Ms. Koko Guo and Office Director of the Group Ms. Gao Qianmin were invited to visit Beijing Technology and Business University, to attend the sponsorship inauguration ceremony of School of Artificial Intelligence-JASAN building. 


The Principle of the University Mr. Sun Baoguo, the Vice Principle Ms. Zhang Yun, the Dean of School of Artificial Intelligence Ms. Yu Chongchong, Alumni Association Education Foundation Secretary General Ms. Lv Dongyan, totally more than 20 authorities from university, teachers and student delegates joined the ceremony.


Witnessed by all the guests, teachers and students, CEO of JASAN Group Mr. Zhang Maoyi and the Principle of Beijing Technology and Business University Mr. Sun Baoguo jointly unveiled the nameplate.


Graduated from Beijing Technology and Business University 40 years ago, Mr. Zhang always embraces a grateful heart. He is grateful to his Alma Mater, to the respected teachers, and integrates the school motto of “Seeking for truth, fostering virtue, diligence and innovation” into the marching forward on the road of struggling over years. Mr. Zhang mentioned, “we graduated from university and step into society, although some achievement and contribution to the society are made, we should not forget and should always support Alma Mater development in all aspects.”


With the new generation development of information technology, artificial intelligence, big data, IoT, robot etc. technology, lifted up a significant industrial reform in manufacturing industry, China’s manufacturing industry is shifting into intelligent direction. Since the foundation in 1994, JASAN Group has been focusing on the development, design, manufacturing and service of hosiery and seamless knitted sportswear for over 20 years. Through big data information technology, IoT technology and robot application, we actively implement “replacement of operator with robot” and integration of IT application with industrialization, vigorously give impetus to intelligent manufacturing, to improve quality and efficiency and manufacturing digital transformation.


Beijing Technology and Business University established School of Artificial Intelligence in 2020, with the major research field in machine learning theory and methodology, machine sensing and human & machining interaction, data mining and automation, intelligent unmanned information system. When learnt about this good news, Zhejiang JASAN Holding Group Co., Ltd. CEO Mr. Zhang Maoyi, as the distinguished alumni enrolled in 1980 major in Automation, to express strong emotion toward Alma Mater, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of its founding, donated 10 million RMB dedicated for education development and named after “JASAN Building” as title sponsorship.


Education is the hope and technology is the future.


Embraced with vigorous summer, guests from JASAN Group and leadership, teachers and students from Beijing Technology and Business University gathered in front of “JASAN Building” to celebrate grand unveiling ceremony, to open a new chapter for cooperation between enterprise and university! Stay true with the mission and move steadily forward, Mr. Zhang appreciated the Alma Mater to grant the honored title of “JASAN Building”, and sincerely wished the university another splendid achievement!