JASAN Group conveyed warmth to Sansui County in Guizhou


As a global leading knitwear enterprise, Zhejiang Jasan Holding Group Co., Ltd. is one of the most remarkable achievement for Sansui County of Guizhou Province to attract business and investment, and also the reason for migrant workers to return home for employment.


Jasan Group Sansui Industrial Park is composed of Guizhou Dingsheng Clothing Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Jasan Sportswear Co., Ltd. Guizhou Dingsheng Clothing Co., Ltd. was officially settled in Guizhou Sansui Economic Development Zone since August, 2014, with total investment of 200 million RMB. Currently there are over 1,300 employees and the factory occupies 60,000 m2. Guizhou Jasan Sportswear was officially launched production for Phase I by the end of June, 2021, with total investment of 100 million RMB and covering an area of 9 hectares. The annual capacity is 36 million pairs of mid to high end socks and 2000 tons of elastane covered yarn, and Phase II and Phase II are in planning and construction.


Jasan Group Sansui Industrial Park has become the poverty alleviation demonstration enterprise for Sansui County to realize “one person employed and the whole family out of poverty”. Jasan Group is not only a competitive company with social responsibility, but also a company with warmth. Jasan Group has already distributed self-made socks to over 70, 000 households of whole Sansui County for last two years, with totally 1.4 million pairs of socks amount to 7 million RMB Yuan. This is one comprehensive charity activity accessible to each household since Jasan settled in Guizhou Sansui County, which is also a vivid embodiment of Jasan social responsibility. The warm care is delivered to every household at the beginning of the new year. The activity gains support by local government, and a letter is delivered along with the socks.


From printing brochure, selecting socks to finally packing up 720, 000 pairs of socks in finishing workshop, it took over 1 month to complete all preparation. The general manager of Guizhou Jasan Sportswear Co., Ltd. Mr. Hu Youjun remains close communication with Sansui County Employment Bureau as well as other related departments. All socks have been taken over by leaders of human resource and social security centers in county from Jasan warehouse. Before the Spring Festival, arranged by county employment center, the leaders of each town and county distribute corresponding socks to each community, so far residents of all counties have already received successively.


During the period, the company received many job application inquiries, Jasan Group Sansui Industrial Park hope to provide with more high quality employment opportunity, to call up more migrant workers back to hometown for employment, and step into comfortable life. No need to seek job far away from home, Jasan is just a good place! Jasan Group Sansui Industrial Park currently has 1,500 position vacancies, and encourage everyone to sign up for application, hired by globalized large enterprise at home, earn the money to support the family and also enjoy the happiness of family union!