Jasan Group 2022 Annual Working Conference Successfully Held!


On Feb. 12th, 2022, the first weekend back to work after Spring Festival Holiday in the Year of Tiger, Zhejiang Jasan Group Holding Co., Ltd held 2022 Annual Working Conference. The main venue was in Hangzhou headquarters, with six production bases including, Shaoxing, Jiangshan, Guizhou, Hai Phong in Vietnam, Hung Yen in Vietnam, and Thanh Hoa in Vietnam joining online through video conference.


During the meeting, outstanding employees and advanced team were honored with trophy and certificate. Meanwhile, Annual CEO Special Award were honored: 1st Prize to Jiangshan Base, 2nd Prize to Hai Phong base, and 3rd Prize to Hung Yen Base.


Mr. Zhang Maoyi, the President of JASAN delivered an important speech on the conference to reflect on 2021 business performance, outstanding achievement, and set the goal for 2022, as well as the key focus for the next year:


The year of 2021 was an extraordinary year, on one hand, we fought against Covid-19, and on the other hand, we made relentless efforts to run the business. With the strong enterprise spirit of overcoming difficulties and reversing from risk to security, we submitted one satisfactory answer through high team execution efficiency, overcame negative factors such as raw material costing increase, work force shortage to create an extraordinary 2021.


For 2021, there were mainly following outstanding achievement: 1. Sock sales turnover created another splendid achievement and stepped to a new level; 2. Jiangshan and Hai Phong these two production bases achieved outstanding business turnover; 3. Seamless new customers and new product development with good result; 4. A batch of the most beautiful countermarching people are emerging who make contribution to the enterprise in sacrifice of their own family. Many energetic young force are thriving!


Meanwhile, the President especially emphasized that we might not achieve the best result with our maximum efforts, but we are sure that we can’t achieve best result without our maximum efforts.


For 2022, it will be a complicated and changeful year, and Covid-19 situation as well as global economic situation are still unstable. The prevention and control over Covid-19 will become one part of people’s normal life, the enterprises must learn to coexist with uncertainties. We must learn how to cope with uncertainty. We must carry forward the down-to-earth spirit with a conscious vision, to prioritize stability and meet changes by adapting to changes. Guided by the company’s three-year development strategy proposed in 2019, to ensure the realization of 2022 target.


Mainly through the following work priorities and measures:


Firstly, strength enterprise management in terms of planning, material control, digitalization, streamline and process, to achieve the target of “high quality, low cost and short lead time”.


Secondly, speed up the construction and development for Guizhou production base and Hung Yen production base, to strive for the new profit contributors in 2023.


Thirdly, grasp both sock and seamless, as well focus on both inbound and outbound sales.


Fourthly, speed up Hung Yen Phase II, Guizhou Jasan Phase II, and Guizhou Dingsheng Phase II, and Thanh Hoa Phase II these four key projects.


Fifthly, cultivate an employee team adapting to enterprise development.


1. Cultivate a batch of outstanding leaders, the selection standard of future leading force should not only focus on integrity and capability, the following five abilities should be considered: strategic mindset capability, resource integration capability, cross departmental coordination capability, and the problem solving capability, as well as team coherence capability.

2. To properly handle the interest among customers, employees and shareholders, to gradually enhance young employees’ income level. To achieve common prosperity means to run the business well and make employees wealthy.


During the conference, the President also announced personnel appointment adjustment for 2022 and emphasized the enterprise value of honesty, dedication, cooperation and innovation.


At the end, the President also encouraged everyone: 2021 has passed, 2022, the year coexisting of opportunity and challenges, risk and benefits have arrived. In the new year, Jasan hopes that every employee to work unitedly, make relentless efforts to explore and achieve the target of 2022!