Digital Empowerment to Achieve Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrading


As consumers’perception upgrading toward fashion trend and individuality,patterns and habits of consumption,the garment industry is also experiencing dramatic changes.The new forms and requirements of the industry are imminent,how to meet customized production demands in smaller batches in a faster and more flexible manner,it has gradually become a key indicator for measuring the core competiveness for garment industry.The arrival of a new technology transformation cycle has arrived to accelerate the introduction of new information technology for garment industry,to achieve management and industry upgrading.The digital production,intelligent production,and smart workshop programs have come to everyone’s vision and gained rapid application.


On the morning of September 20th,JASAN headquarters and its affiliated seamless factories in Shaoxing,Guizhou and Hung Yen Vietnam launched meeting for seamless digital plant construction.CEO of Jasan Group Mr.Zhang Maoyi,Vice President Mr.Zhang Wangwang,Financial Director Mr.Zhou Wanyong,and Vice President Mr.Li Xugen and CEO of Huansi Mr.Yuan Junjing joined the meeting through remote connection.CEO Assistant and deputy lead of project team Mr.Zhao Xiuwu and Ms.Gong Lili attended the meeting in Guizhou Dingsheng factory,where will be the main battlefield for the project.

Huansi Intelligent project director Mr.Cao Weifeng,and project manager Mr.Zheng Liang respectively made detailed introduction about Jasan digital plant construction,and implementation plans,combined with current situation in the plant,for the construction of digital business and production management system,further enhance information connection and digital visualization,to realize coordinated management for data within group,further reducing the cost,enhancing efficiency and quality,to build Jasan digital plants as benchmark in industry.

The general manager of Guizhou Dingsheng plant and the deputy lead of the project Mr.Zhao Xiuwu said,every team member should unify the thoughts and take active participation.We should face with positive attitude,to think out more solutions with coordinate efforts to ensure landing of the project successfully with high quality.

Jasan CEO and the project team lead Mr.Zhang Maoyi attached great importance to the cooperation.He emphasized that to organize the implementation of digital plant project,it exists with difficulties in both technology and coordination.The project is top priority,and every team member should make their efforts to solidify digitalization upgrading.

Wish a great success for Jasan seamless digital factory project!